Lexprompt WRITE integrates with Netdocuments—find us now on NetDocs marketplace

Lexprompt WRITE is now fully integrated with Netdocuments DMS and has been officially listed on the Netdocuments marketplace. This version, WRITE Legal, is intended for professionals in the legal services industry.
Reliability and efficiency of NetDocuments cloud-based DMS has attracted hundreds of thousands of users worldwide. With WRITE Legal, users can leverage various features […]

Lexprompt WRITE enables limiting search to documents open in the viewer

We are happy to announce that Lexprompt WRITE now enables users to restrict search to documents open in the viewer.

This expands the flexibility of how you can find what you need when you need it.

For example, the documents in the viewer can be linked to your MS Word working file. Whenever you open […]

Lessons from software developers—writing legal documents like software code

Many lawyers are very smart and knowledgeable in legal work but fewer are informed about existing technology in the legal field (and how to use it effectively), let alone about technologies available in other fields.  For example, the software development industry figured out a long time ago that reusing existing content not only increases productivity […]

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