Lexprompt file backup — Never again lose your work to MS Word crash

Lexprompt WRITE now includes file backup, to protect your work. If you’ve ever lost work to a crash of MS Word, you’re not alone.

To keep your work safe, Lexprompt backs-up all your work and makes sure that none of the files is deleted unintentionally.

Moreover, when you open a file, Lexprompt makes a copy of […]

May 8th, 2017|Categories: Benefits, Organizing work|

Lexprompt WRITE integrates with Netdocuments—find us now on NetDocs marketplace

Lexprompt WRITE is now fully integrated with Netdocuments DMS and has been officially listed on the Netdocuments marketplace. This version, WRITE Legal, is intended for professionals in the legal services industry.
Reliability and efficiency of NetDocuments cloud-based DMS has attracted hundreds of thousands of users worldwide. With WRITE Legal, users can leverage various features […]

Improving workflow for patent lawyers with Lexprompt WRITE

Patent lawyers and patent agents know this all too well–working on an Office action involves managing (opening and closing) various files. What if you had everything you need ready for you? You can with Lexprompt WRITE. Your assistant can prepare the template, and when you open WRITE, everything you need will be ready–Office action, cited […]

Organizing your research and references with Lexprompt WRITE

Lexprompt WRITE includes a multi-document viewer that lets you easily view, organize, and manage references and research.

First, the viewer is integrated with MS Word so you can have a true side-by-side work environment, even when working on your laptop. MS Office and PDF documents are tabbed for easy access—no more fumbling through multiple application windows […]

Organize your workplace with Lexprompt WRITE

The integrated writing environment of Lexprompt WRITE includes a multi-document viewer to view, organize, and associate references with your working document. This explainer video shows how the viewer can place all of your references at your fingertips.