Activating Lexprompt WRITE and managing your license

After installing Lexprompt WRITE, you must activate it to have access to full functionality of the software. When the software license has not been activated, you will see MyWRITE tab flashing, as shown in the screenshot below.

Click on MyWRITE tab to access licensing details.

Lexprompt WRITE control panel indicating that activation is required

To activate WRITE, simply paste the license on the line as indicated. If you don’t have a license, you can click on “Get Trial License” to activate trial period.

Lexprompt WRITE activating the software

After activating your commercial or academic license, you should see the license details displayed in the control panel, similar to those in the screenshots below.

If you purchased a perpetual license, your control panel should look like the one in the first screenshot. If you purchased a subscription license, your control panel should look like the second screenshot.

Lexprompt WRITE licensing details
Lexprompt WRITE changing license

If you upgrade, downgrade, or otherwise change your license, you will need to activate the new license. To do that, click “Change License” and paste the new license, as described above.