Lexprompt WRITE add-on for MS Word — finding content when you need it.

This short tutorial explains how to find content that you need when you need it.

After you add the folders (see tutorial on adding folders: click here), open MS Word and click on the Lexprompt WRITE icon in the upper right corner of the ribbon.

There are three ways you can search the documents in the processed folders for content.

  1. As you type, WRITE will automatically search for content and display results
  2. You can position the cursor in text to find content that is similar to the text to the left of the cursor
  3. You can highlight a portion of the text in you document

Lexprompt WRITE add-on

After you initiate the search (using one of the three methods) Lexprompt WRITE will display results in the add-on pane (shown below)

Position your pointer just to the left of the result box. This will display three dots; clicking on the dots will open a menu for that result.
Lexprompt WRITE add-on search menuLexprompt WRITE add-on search menu

Menu buttons:
Expand: Purple outline indicates that the result is one of several similar results that have been grouped or clustered together. Clicking on “Expand” will display the results in the selected group.
More: Finds and display results that are similar to the result for which you’ve selected the “More” button.
Open: Opens the file from which the result originated in the native application (for example, doc/docx documents are opened in MS Word).
Preview: Opens the file from which the result originated; the file is opened in the previewer pane and the result is highlighted in the document.