Improving workflow for patent lawyers with Lexprompt WRITE

Patent lawyers and patent agents know this all too well–working on an Office action involves managing (opening and closing) various files. What if you had everything you need ready for you? You can with Lexprompt WRITE. Your assistant can prepare the template, and when you open WRITE, everything you need will be ready–Office action, cited […]

Organizing your research and references with Lexprompt WRITE

Lexprompt WRITE includes a multi-document viewer that lets you easily view, organize, and manage references and research.

First, the viewer is integrated with MS Word so you can have a true side-by-side work environment, even when working on your laptop. MS Office and PDF documents are tabbed for easy access—no more fumbling through multiple application windows […]

Lexprompt WRITE pilot is up and running at Am Law 100 firm

We are proud and excited to share our big news about the progress of Lexprompt WRITE beta testing. As the last phase of beta testing approaches its end, we have launched a pilot of WRITE at a major U.S. law firm. Lawyers practicing in litigation, corporate, intellectual property, and real estate law are using WRITE […]